When I was in rehab it was the first time in my adult life that I consistently got 8 hours of high quality and sober sleep. Arianna Huffington is correct - it really is life changing to feel that well rested. Towards the end of my stay I was enrolled in part time sober school and had hours of free time each day to go to yoga, take walks and most importantly nap. Since I know understand how energetic and alive I feel when I am well rested I can easily tell when I need more sleep. I am more irritable and emotional. Sleep feels like a drug to me know because of the energy it provides. 

Drinking ruins sleep

Sorry - the nightly cocktail to relax and help with falling asleep is a myth. It is actually incredibly disruptive to sleep. Hangovers are the worst. Cannabis is a nice alternative to unwind in the evening and doesn't include a hangover. 

Powerful people take power naps

Forget the old idea of working long hours on little to no sleep - it results in poor decisions and wasted time and effort. Instead opt for a nap if possible. Since I work from home I have been napping consistently for years and thought it was a sign of laziness - it turns out it was stroke of genius. Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy all loved napping so it turns out I am in great company.