Water is critical

I tried to avoid this core pillar as long as possible as I am a fan of beer, not water. Water is so boring to me and drinking so much of it is challenging and annoying. Turns out that I couldn't avoid it forever and the results are in - in not very shocking news it turns out water is pretty good for you and helps immensly with weight loss. This makes it the third core pillar and very important part of The Dry Diet.

A whole gallon?

Yes, an entire gallon is ideal everyday. It's a lot and I lose count of the number of glasses or bottles I drink over the course of the day because I am pretty lazy. I purchased a gallon jug of water and just aim to drink that during the day so I don't have to count. 

Water is boring

I agree - water is boring. You can spice things up with cucumbers, lemons, fruit and things like mint and basil. For me I needed even more motivation to drink water so I tend to reflect on how wonderful water is while I drink it, that I live in a home that has access to clean and safe drinking water, water grows plants, fish live in water, I love baths and oceans and all the reasons why water is such an important part of life. This gets me through the process of drinking water in a slightly dramatic but effective way.