When I was in rehab I lived in Santa Monica in a beautiful beach house close enough to walk to Hot 8 Yoga on 2nd. Street. I walked there everyday, using the time to think and reflect. One Saturday I took a class with Jessica Alba and was amazed at how healthy and strong she was. She was incredible at yoga and quite the inspiration and also very friendly and kind. 

I was thrilled to see her nutritionist come out with a book last summer and immediately started following her plan. I saw results right away but my weight loss stalled during the holiday season so I met personally with Kelly in February for additional advice. She really helped me understand the impact of sugar on my body and how important it is to plan ahead for work travel. She is an amazing person and truly inspiring. Her plan is so simple, flexible and effective it allowed me to love my body again!  

While on The Dry Diet  I recommend following her plan which is focused on blood sugar balance. However it is not required. The Dry Diet only has two food related rules - No drinking and less than 25g of sugar per day. I pinpointed the issues to those two items specifically because they provide no nutrition and are addictive. They were the main reasons I could not lose weight - once I figured out how to remove alcohol at treatment I applied the same lessons to sugar.