The beauty of The Dry Diet is its simplicity 

You will be provided the details of the exact plan I followed to achieve transformation in my body and finances. I created a daily wellness tool that keeps you focused. In addition you will be part of a community committed to going dry so you won't feel alone. I will also be providing a daily email to keep motivated as well as sharing content to keep you inspired. First though I want to share with you the story of how I created The Dry Diet and how the universe spoke to me along the way. 


Does this look familiar? It was a pattern for me also - Perfect during the week and after a few drinks on the weekend my healthy eating plans went out the window. It was funny in my twenties but as I crept up closer to forty my weight loss stalled. Everything that had worked in the past was ineffective. 

My brother lost 50 pounds getting sober

This really shocked me when it happened - he didn't stop eating, exercise or do anything really but lay by the pool but he kept losing weight without trying.


This was making me jealous 

I was running around to a million workout classes, never eating carbs and seemed to be gaining weight. The one thing I never eliminated was alcohol - clinging to the concept that all calories are the same and my beer habit was not at all connected to my beer belly. My brother told me then to just go 90 days with no alcohol, drink a gallon of water everyday and go to bed by 10pm. Had I listened then I could have avoided the money spent on rehab but denial runs deep so I ignored this advice. 


Then my brother and I were on The Today Show!


While my brother was getting sober he rediscovered his amazing artistic talents! When he was 87 days alcohol free a dog bite his finger off and he lost his new job. He was  sad the dog was put to sleep so began painting animals for friends and we opened a pet portrait business in Spring 2016. We had been dying to get on The Today Show and it had happened! Sadly I was upset with my appearance and it has stuck with me. I was jealous of how healthy and fit my brother looked.


today show.JPG

Turns out my he isn't the only one with a drinking problem...

Not long after this was filmed I began evaluating my own relationship with alcohol and my weight gain and made a commitment to a 30 classes in 40 days hot yoga challenge. I completed the challenge and only drank a few times during the 40 days!

However I immediately returned to drinking and ended up missing an important work presentation and got a written warning. I was scared I would end up like my brother - homeless and unemployed. After I missed the presentation I didn't immediately quit drinking. I was stuck in denial but my friend invited me to Malibu for Thanksgiving and I jumped at the opportunity. I had grown up in close to Malibu and had been to Serra Retreat many times to find peace. We made plans to walk the labyrinth which helps bring dark issues to the light to be healed. The night before I left I got this message in my suitcase.

I got a written message from the universe


purpose bw.JPG

This was pretty crazy because I had never seen this before and I travel very often for work. This message made me research labyrinths and take the entire process very seriously. Serra Retreat in Malibu is incredibly peaceful and I had done my confirmation and engagement retreats there. I returned when I left rehab to return to Boise to reflect and perform a ritual to say goodbye to the babies I lost during my abusive marriage and traumatic divorce seven years earlier. I also made a promise to myself that I would not drink for at least one year. I would focus on transforming my life so I finally had the body I always wanted and all my debt paid off so I could have financial peace. 


I decided I would quit drinking on January 1st for a year spent New Year's Eve having a vision board party with my family where mine reflected my desire for a yoga body and a spiritual journey. I took a picture of it and used it as my phone background the entire year to keep focused.

vision board.JPG

Sadly alcohol had a larger grip on me than I realized and I didn't make it two weeks until I drank again only this time my body rejected it and once again I was ill before work. Thankfully I had a therapy appointment and admitted I needed professional help. My therapist recommended a holistic center in Malibu and while at first I thought it was too expensive the universe has a making things happen and within a month I was off to Malibu after a quick trip to Mexico. I spent time in Tulum and Playa Del Carmen enjoying my previously scheduled birthday celebration, hopefully my last drinking vacation. 


I spent 90 days in California getting help - The first 30 days in Malibu and the remainder of the time in Santa Monica. I went to yoga, had amazing therapists and learned how to heal and live without the escape of alcohol. I loved my experience and am looking to share what I learned to help others transform their body, mind and spirit.  When I returned home I hired a trainer and committed to hot yoga to fulfill my vision board. I focused on my finances and paid off 100K in credit card, medical and car debt. I got promoted at work, won two awards  and was put on the largest sales opportunities. I became a certified yoga teacher finally found the confidence I had lost in my abusive marriage. 

I created The Dry Diet to stay focused 

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yoga graduation.JPG