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Karin is a  Senior Solution Consultant at Thomson Reuters specializing in a suite of software solutions focused on automation and process improvement in large multi-national corporate tax departments.

She has spent fifteen years utilizing, implementing and selling technology at the largest organizations in the world including KPMG, General Motors, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Early in her career Karin disliked tax and considered a career change but embraced technology and soon became a heavily recruited resource because of her ability to implement change.

Karin has a unique ability to help her clients simplify complex technology issues and empower them to change and work more efficiently.

Karin’s passion for wellness and strong desire to lose weight after a national television appearance on NBC’s Today Show led her to seek in-patient treatment for alcohol abuse after an incident at work involving alcohol. She spent 90 days getting help and returned to her corporate sales job and has maintained her sobriety for 16 months, lost 55 pounds, paid off 95K in debt, got promoted and became a certified yoga instructor.

She is an example of how to change proactively and wants to bring awareness to the rise in alcoholism in American women and end the stigma attached to addiction and alcoholism.