Sugar is a DRUG

More and more bad news has been surfacing about sugar over the past few years. I read "The Case Against Sugar" and watched "Fed Up" which convinced me sugar is bad enough to incorporate it as the second core pillar. It's VERY common for people to replace alcohol with sugar and gain weight which is EXACTLY what I needed to avoid. As I said before I am vain and had quitting drinking resulted in further weight gain I would never be able to stick with a dry lifestyle long term. 

Only 25g?

Yes, apparently we are only supposed to be consuming 25g of sugar on a daily basis according to the World Health Organization. Oops! It turns out I have been consistently over eating sugar for pretty much my entire life. This pillar is a daily challenge that I typically fail to achieve but still strive for everyday.

What about fruit?

Apparently fruit sugar is still bad - the body doesn't seem to care that it's from fruit and still needs to be limited because sugar is sadly a toxic drug.